Friday, October 28, 2011

MooD FiNaL eXaM

when think i was think about The final exam, it is just around the corner, so what should me n u do???, me n u should manage the time carefully...n to manage the time is the hardest thing for me to do..huhu..but i always keep telling myself "EVERYTHING WILL BE OK, DON'T WORRY TOO MUCH~". but i still hope the miracle will happen and my pointer for this semester will not be so bad~:(( fault because letting my coursework mark very low. now, myself is very stressful and suffer a lots....huu..ur bad echa..its ok my frenz advices me, "JuSt Do your best depends on your abilityy.." feel better after heard that sentence:))n my mom then said to me,"whether u r success o fail,me n ur dad will still love u:-)"hee..thanks mom!...then one of my closest friend also known as my ex-MENTOR during school time had also advice me and he said" No one is always success in their life,there will be success and failure,so it will stable..."...agree with him because people that always success in their life will become arrogant, show off and many moreee...

so, i am so thankful because i am not that kind of person..i am also thankful because my friends are not that kind of people...:))..:*

so, what i want to say is DON'T BE AFRAID TO FAIL!..once u fail doesnt mean u will fail for the rest of ur life..just do your best and pray that everything u do will be blessed..we will always have the second chance....
(let increase our confidence)

GOODLUCK FOR UR EXAMMM......EXAM NO hard and smart but avoid STRESS and TENSION..just enjoy what me n u do..(if i could :p)


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